The secret to PERFECT Banana and Pumpkin Bread

So, if you are anything like me you have been plagued over the years with the inevitable gooey spot in the center of your bread loaves, no matter how closely you watch them, or how anal you are about making them EXACTLY according to directions.
It's been the bane of my bread making existence. But alas!!  HARK!  I discovered the secret to *completely* cooked bread, that isn't under or over done *any*where!!

I will share it with you now.
 Because I like you.
And because you came to visit my Blog, and that makes me very happy.

#1.  When using a 9 X 5 pan, [a] I use a glass baking dish, and [b] I turned the oven to 335 degrees.
Yes, 335.
Almost every recipe I have calls for 350--Don't do it!! Don't yield to their demands any longer!!
#2.  Cook that sucker for 60 minutes. Don't even kid yourself that it will be done sooner, though *they* will suggest it might be. No. It won't.
#3.  30 minutes into cook time lay a roughly 12" X 12" sheet of aluminum foil over the top and *NOW* turn the oven up to 350 degrees for the remainder of the cook time. Don't fold the foil down or anything, maybe even tent it up just slightly. Slightly, I say. Meaning a teeny, tiny, bit [ we're talking maybe 1/2 an inch] so it won't think about sticking to the batter. This keeps the top from getting over done while the center actually gets done.

 This is how I made my most recent loaf of Pumpkin bread jut this past week and it was PERFECT!. Try it with one of the banana or Pumpkin bread recipes I have here and let me know how it works for you too.


  1. This is so funny! I am making the bread RIGHT NOW and came here to check the spices. Thanks for reading my mind!

  2. Hooray for mind reading!! Woot!!Woot!!


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