Cheesy Goodness Brocolli Casserole

Many moons ago a girlfriend of my brother's introduced our family to this delightful cheesy broccoli goodness and it's been  a favorite recipe of mine ever since that first beautiful encounter with its amazing flavor combination and crunchy, buttery, Ritz cracker topping. Have some baking even as I type this in preparation for Thanksgiving-- Part Deux--dinner at my Aunt's house in about 90 minutes. Can't wait!  I'll no doubt have to restrain myself during the 40 minute drive to keep from shoving my fingers in and shoveling some in by the handful.

*This is a double batch*

16 oz Velveeta [or 1 cup 2% milk and 2 cups grated extra sharp cheddar cheese]
1 tsp garlic powder
2 cans cream of Mushroom soup [ Cream of Chicken can be used instead without noticeable difference to flavor]
2 pounds Broccoli Florets, Thawed
2 TB butter
1 large onion
2 sleeves of ritz crackers
4 TB butter for cracker topping

Saute onion in butter till soft, mix in soups and velveeta until well blend and melted. Stir in broccoli, coat well.
 Spread into 11x13 greased casserole pan.
Crush 2 sleeves of Ritz crackers, cut in 4 TB melted butter. Spread across top of broccoli mixture.
Bake uncovered, 350 degrees, for 30 minutes.

Tah dah! Greatness is yours!


  1. I'm having trouble reading recipes with the brick background

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. The format has every entry with green print over a white background. At no point is the print supposed to be over the brick background. I checked on both Macintosh and regular PC computers, on CHROME, FIREFOX, and Safari Browsers, and they all look as described, so I have no way to fix the way you are describing how the page shows up for you on you computer. Sorry about that. Thank you for letting me know there is a problem though.

  2. Can you make this a few days ahead of when you will serve it?

  3. The crackers get soggy when re-heated. Maybe if you just do the first few stages, and leave the baking stage until just before you plan to eat it...

  4. My family and I loved it ! Made it so many more times and one time I put cubed chicken in it


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